About Amy Villasenor

Amy is the Project Manager at Texas Family Medicine. She is responsible for providing oversight and direction to our clinical staff, leading orientation and training for all new clinical staff employees, and conducting annual reviews for all clinical staff.

Amy serves as an integral part of our management team and attends weekly meetings with our physicians and Practice Manager. She is responsible for program compliance with mandatory reporting laws, mandatory incident reporting, ethical guidelines and other compliance items. She also maintains all of our medical equipment and medication logs for the back office in order to be 100% compliant with OSHA requirements.

Amy’s other duties include taking patient vitals, blood draws, EKG’s, and vision and hearing testing. She also manages all prescription refills. Amy works side by side with our physicians by educating the patients and their families about diagnostic procedures, nutrition, and maintenance of health and wellness.

 Amy has been providing outstanding patient care since 1999 and has been a part of our team at Texas Family Medicine since 2004.